Lenders and investors are still feeling the effects of the financial crisis and subsequent global economic recession let alone the staggering scale of the covid-19 pandemic and subsequent shutting down of the economy. One of these effects is the continued struggle for many businesses and individuals to comply with the terms of their lending.

All lenders have to deal with non-performing loans. SKSi is well positioned to review your borrowers situation and make a recommendation aimed at achieving the optimal recovery for you. We can provide independent business reviews, act as administrators and we have particular expertise in contentious bankruptcy cases.

This means that in addition to providing advice and assistance to those with debt problems, we are exceptionally well placed to assist creditors who unwittingly become involved in insolvency proceedings, or who are considering proactively using insolvency as a debt recovery mechanism.

Our partners have substantial experience in representing creditors, including trade and expense creditors, finance creditors and Local Authorities.

We can advise and assist with helping to maximise recovery prospects, often by taking simple, cost-effective steps (such as the correct completion and submission of proofs of debts and proxy forms and keeping a watching brief on practitioners’ fees in insolvency cases).We can assist clients directly in issuing Statutory Demands to recover their debts and also assist professional advisers who are considering deploying insolvency proceedings on behalf of their clients with our hands-on knowledge of the mechanics of insolvency.

We are more than happy to accept nominations as Liquidator or Trustee in cases where creditors feel there are matters which warrant further investigation, and will ensure that referring parties receive prompt and detailed feedback as to the progress of our investigations and their ultimate recovery prospects.

We are also happy for our colleagues and clients to simply “pick our brains” on any aspect of insolvency law and practice on an ad hoc basis.

Our initial consultations and requests for telephone advice are free of charge.

If you or your client require advice or representation in relation to an insolvency scheme then please get in contact.