The success and growth of a business can be dictated as much by its finances as the business idea itself and SKSi has a great breadth of experience gathered from years of considering businesses from varied sectors. 

We would be so bold as to say it's an unusual day for us to be presented with a business financial or structural problem we have not seen and solved before. Of course nobody knows a business better than those that run it, but keeping up to date with the latest legislation and best practice in all areas can be neglected when other areas of operation have become demanding. 

You may find it strange talking to a company such as us about refining or even starting up a business, but if you think about it, we have seen every mistake a business has ever made, seen market problems, governance and management failures and the effects of poor funding time and time again, and understand what a business needs to blossom. Making business better... that's what we do.