The price of war and peace

As has been well documented, here in the UK we were facing a perilous economic situation before the attack on Ukraine and the effects the war has had economically have added to those concerns.

Therefore, it is pleasing to see some positive comment regarding the peace talks and, like all decent folk, we hope this war does end soon and we can support the citizens of Ukraine in their recovery from this atrocity. There is also a great deal of talk regarding the impact on domestic costs the war and the sanctions will continue to have for some time to come.

Despite this, oil prices are starting to come down from their recent highs and the FTSE is making a bit of a recovery, having been in positive territory for the past week so does this mean the markets believe the end is in sight and the economic impact will be short lived?

As bystanders, this seems unlikely, but, as we have said before, we are IPs not economists so would welcome the views of others.