Electric cars and rising energy costs

Much has been written about the crippling rise in energy costs which are having a devasting impact on families but also businesses who will not be receiving any of the support being offered to households.

So what about the move to electric vehicles?

The numbers of battery and hybrid electric vehicles on UK roads has risen rapidly in the last two years but they still only represent 1.3% of total cars in the UK.

There is no doubt that the desire to move to a greener vehicle is there, despite the significantly higher initial purchase cost compared to a petrol or diesel powered equivalent, but will this demand continue to grow given current forecasts for energy costs in the next two years?

Charging an electric car at home is not so much the issue – it is the cost of using public charge points when on a longer journey that is putting off some people. It is hardly surprising that charges are higher given the level of investment required to roll out charge points across the UK. The Dept. For Transport is providing £1.3bn to support the roll out of charge points but that investment needs to be recovered and the costs of using these charge points is an obvious method of recouping that investment.

EV owners wait with anticipation as to what happens to the overnight cost to charge and the future costs at public chargers, particularly as councils have advised that they are no longer going to provide free charging.