Electric Vehicle Charging Costs on Fire

We recently reflected on the likely cost impact of the moves to a cleaner environment and whilst those of us that have already made the move to a greener electric vehicle might have been feeling smug during the recent fuel crisis and sharp increase in petrol and diesel prices we are not immune from rising energy costs.

The costs of charging EVs are rising from this month. The reason, not surprisingly, is that the soaring energy costs have forced providers of charging points to revise their charges to customers. For those who only drive locally this will be less of an issue so long as their domestic tariff is reasonable, but anyone doing longer distances and so reliant on charging points will be impacted.

BP Pulse who claim to have the largest public charging network in the UK with of over 8,000 charging points have hiked their cost per kWh of energy by 39% for their standard public chargers. Other providers have also been increasing tariffs, although not as much as BP Pulse and we fear that the failures we are seeing in the domestic energy market might well happen with some of players in the EV charging market.