Our Specialist Investigation team specialises in contentious insolvency where there are allegations of fraud or wrongdoing.

We can assist if you suspect your business has been a victim of a fraud or are a creditor of a business or individual where you believe fraudulent activity may have taken place.

The SKSi Special Investigation Team have experience in dealing with complex investigations worldwide and have brought proceedings in relation to misfeasance, wrongful trading, fraudulent trading, and other claims under both the Insolvency Act and the Companies Act. 

When to consider a special investigation

Early engagement is vital so consulting with experts such as SKSi as soon as any alarm bells ring is important. Securing electronic hardware and IT data is key to progressing any investigation and the SKSi Special Investigations team includes specialist individuals who secure any IT data available at short notice, and conduct forensic analysis work to provide valuable evidence in any legal claim. 

We work with a range of lawyers that specialise in bringing these actions and have been successful in bringing claims where funds are not available in the insolvency estate with the use of a variety of funding options.

Next steps

If there are any suspiscions or evidence of wrong doing, contact us immediately. The SKSi Special Investigations team are ready to help.