We will be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships, with documented policies and procedures to implement and monitor quality control of engagements.


We will not allow bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to override professional or business judgements.

Professional Competence and Due Care

We have a continuing duty to maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required by our professional regulators and to ensure that you receive competent professional service based on current developments in practice, legislation and techniques.

We will act diligently and in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards when providing professional services.


We will respect the confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships and will not disclose any such information to third parties without proper and specific authority unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose.

Professional Behaviour

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations and will avoid any action which discredits the profession. We will conduct ourselves with courtesy and consideration towards everyone we come into contact with when performing our work.

Timeliness and efficiency

We aim to complete all our assignments efficiently and within industry standard timeframes. We will provide details of all our relevant policies and procedures, including any changes to them, to all stakeholders in respect of our engagements.

Our Commitment to Referrers

We have service standards for all referrers who direct work to us. We undertake to respond within 5 working days to any correspondence and undertake to give work providers feedback at quarterly intervals on the progress of any assignments referred to us.

Our Commitment to Clients

For all customers in personal cases, we undertake to update them as is reasonably required on the progress of their case

Telephone Calls

If you telephone during office hours:

  • We try to answer all calls promptly, normally within 6 rings
  • If the person you want to speak to is not available, another team member will take a message or deal with your
  • enquiry if it is a simple one. If that person cannot answer your question, you will receive a response within 24 hours. If, for any reason, we cannot do this, you will be told why and when you will receive a response

If you contact us through the website, by the letter, e mail or fax, we will respond to you within 10 working days of receipt.

If the team member responsible for the case you are asking about is on holiday or other leave, his/her manager will deal with any urgent matters. Otherwise, the team member will respond on his/her return to work.

We will use plain English in all our responses.

Covid-19 Policy

SKSi are complying with UK Government guidelines and restrictions and, as such, our offices are currently closed to visitors unless a face to face meeting is essential and must be arranged in advance.

In that event, we will require the visitor(s) to confirm that they do not have any symptoms and they have not been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms or known to be suffering with Covid-19. A face covering will be required to be worn whilst on SKSi premises and social distancing maintained. 

Please note that SKSi take all necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the virus but, in the event that a visitor contracted Covid-19 having met with a member of SKSi staff, SKSi cannot be held responsible or liable for that infection.  

As the UK progresses towards the removal of restrictions SKSi will continue to observe any guidelines in place and will maintain all recommended safety procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Visitors to our Offices

The offices are generally open every business day.

Visits are by appointment only and we draw your attention to the Covid-19 paragraph above.

If you visit our offices you can expect:

  • To be treated with courtesy and professional skill
  • To be seen within 10 minutes of any appointment you have made in advance
  • To be seen in a private interview room for any appointment made in advance

Most of our offices are accessible for people with mobility difficulties, and we may arrange for alternative meeting spaces if required - please let us know of any such needs when arranging your appointment with us. We are sorry but none of our offices has induction loop facilities.

Continuous Improvements and Complaints

Insolvency can be a difficult process and sometimes, tough decisions have to be taken. Sometimes, these can be upsetting. You can complain to the team member dealing with your case. However, if you are still unhappy, we ask you to put your complaint in writing so that it can be investigated fully by the partner who is in charge of the case. If writing is difficult for you, for example, if English is not your first language, please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for help.

We will commit to:

  • acknowledging your complaint within 3 working days
  • investigating the background to your complaint
  • asking you for additional information in certain circumstances
  • providing a full response within 10 working days

If for any reason we cannot respond within that time frame, you will be told why and when you should expect a response.

If you remain dissatisfied, you may ask for a second partner review of the matter.

If we have made a mistake, it will be rectified and you will receive an apology. Sometimes, people complain because they do not have a complete understanding of the law governing our work. If this is the case, we will provide a clear explanation of the matters affecting our duties in plain English.

If at the end of this process you are still not satisfied, you should put your complaint in writing to The Insolvency Service,

Our Values

  • Honesty and Transparency Professionalism

  • Driven by customer satisfaction Value for Money

  • Enthusiasm

  • Respect for ourselves and others

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