Insolvency can be a difficult process and sometimes, tough decisions have to be taken.

Sometimes, these can be upsetting. You can complain to the team member dealing with your case. However, if you are still unhappy, we ask you to put your complaint in writing so that it can be investigated fully. If writing is difficult for you, for example, if English is not your first language, please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for help.

We will:

  • acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days
  • investigate the background
  • ask you for additional information in certain circumstances
  • provide a full response within 10 working days
  • if for any reason we cannot respond within that time frame, you will be told why and when you should expect a response

If we have made a mistake, it will be rectified and you will receive an apology. Sometimes, people complain because they do not have a complete understanding of the law governing our work. If this is the case, we will provide a clear explanation of the matters affecting our duties in plain English.

Your complaint will be investigated by your trustee (or the office holder in a corporate case). If you are still unhappy, you can ask another insolvency practitioner within the company to review it again. Our insolvency practitioners are:

Name Regulator
Fred Satow ICAEW
Mark Phillips ICAEW
Kirren Keagan ICAEW
Scott Bastick ICAS


SKSi works in a highly regulated environment and all our practitioners are licenced by one of the following regulators, ICAEW, IPA or ICAS. If we can not resolve your complaint, and if you think they have failed in their professional duty in some way, you can complain to the Complaints Gateway operated by the Insolvency Service (A Government Department).

Telephone the Insolvency Service helpline 0300 678 0015 (Please refer to the Insolvency Service website for further details )

However you must first allow SKSi an opportunity to resolve the matter before you contact the Insolvency Service.


Any complaints concerning the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) should be sent to the Accountant in Bankruptcy 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel. No. 0300 200 2600 (Option2)

Please refer to the D.A.S. Scotland website for further details.


If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can raise the matter with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Further information can be found at